Monday, October 2, 2006

I'm only just now over the trauma

So I think I can finally describe the "adventure" that was getting Audrey's hair cut.
I met the intrepid and brave Dana after we'd been given a hot chocolate (Audrey) and tea (me) by the kind receptionist. Dana took Audrey to the back to wash her hair as I took a seat at a nearby station to watch the festivities. This was 12:30pm.

At 4:30pm we emerged, hungry, tired and bedraggled. I'm not kidding. When Dana took one look at Audrey's curly mop, she decided it needed to be straightened with a blowdryer and flat iron before cutting in order to see what she was doing. Sounds straightforward doesn't it? No pun intended. That little, seemingly simple decision took 3 hours to execute. I kid you not. You could practically hear the curls screaming into smooth, glossy submission.

Despite the time it took, Audrey was a trouper and sat really well. We talked, cracked jokes and learned about the wonderfully patient Dana. In that amount of time we could have gone through the paperwork to legally adopt Dana.

With straight hair, Audrey looked so different. She looked older and not at all like my child. She loved it but to be honest, I hated it. I wanted my curly headed baby girl back. All in due time.
After the straightening Marcel took over for the cutting. He gave her a cute little layered look then thinned out the whole works. After the time it took to straighten it out, this part was a cakewalk.

Audrey did so well that I promised her a toy when we were through. We did that then went home to show the boys. Unfortunately her hair started it's inevitable regression back to puffiness. Audrey wouldn't stop combing through it, though. You should have seen her. She was slowing dragging the comb through her hair over and over and repeating "I love my straight hair". Poor girl. It wasn't to last. The next morning she looked like a madwoman as I insisted she get back into the tub so I could dump water on it. Not soon enough.

Well, she looks like my baby again. Only with slightly shorter hair. All is right with the world. And I hope Dana enjoys her monster tip. She totally deserved it. And a shout-out to her salon, The Cutting Edge.

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