Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

"Da Da DAAAAA!!!!" as Audrey likes to say. Is anyone really afraid of today? I wish I could have the luxury of being superstitious and stay in bed all day but nope. Gotta live. Got stuff to do.

I remember in college (what little I do remember that is) we'd have parties every Friday the 13th. Just to give the one fingered salute to the day. Not that we needed an excuse to party but Graham G's F13 parties were legendary. And that's all I'll say on the subject. Mostly because I don't remember much. I do have an image in my mind of a guy in a diaper but that could be something else.

So besides the excitement of the 13th and last Series of Unfortunate Events book "The End" coming out and The Grudge 2 coming out in theatres (I'd need to be heavily sedated and wearing that aforementioned diaper first), ain't nothing going on but the rent. So, are you superstitious? What do you do or don't do? The salt thing? The holding your breath at the cemetery thing? Knock on wood? Let me know. I'm curious.

kxx (BTW, I do all of the above)
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