Thursday, October 5, 2006

Scott is such a manly man

He took the last few days off work. Why? To relax before his "procedure"? No. To run errands? Not a chance. He's re-shingling our roof. Alone. Instead of putting his feet up and reminiscing about his swimmers' glory days, he's up a 12 foot ladder with a couple of snow shovels to strip the roof. At least he has the foresight to tie a rope around his waist.

Don't get me wrong. He's completely capable of doing this. He'll do it quickly and he'll do it well. He's an engineer technologist with a good head on his shoulders but I just wish he knew how to relax. He's incapable of sitting quietly and doing nothing. TV makes him crazy unless it's the news. The radio always plays "three chord wonders". Fiction of any kind makes him snort saying that real stories are far more interesting and actually happened so that makes them much more worth hearing about.

We went to Jamaica a few years ago for a friends wedding. I sat and drank in the sun. Shopped and gambled a bit. He had to be doing manly things. Snorkelling, sailing, hiking, exploring. We compared stories in the evenings. Mine were always the same. One of his involved a near-death experience on a catamaran with a 16 year old lunatic sailor named "Psyche". The longest time he sits still is when he's driving, motorcycling or flying. Yes, an airplane. He's a small craft pilot. Didn't I tell you he's a manly man?

I just think it'd be a treat to hire someone to do this. Someone who'll bring a couple of guys and have this done in 2 afternoons. But Scott can't hire people to do something he can do himself. It won't ever happen. Even if I have to spend the next four days with 9 and 1 dialled into the phone with my finger hovering over the final 1, anxiously looking out my livingroom window waiting for him to fall past it.

I can't wait until his "procedure" when he'll spend a week in my world. The world of the relaxed. The dare-I-say-it? Lazy. Of course he'll have a bag of peas on his goolies and be moaning like a baby but he'll be all mine.

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