Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm tired of your ads

I love American tv. I spend the bulk of my day watching American tv. "Heroes" is my absolute favourite new show of the season. An amazing example of the deliciousness of American tv. I even love the commercials. In fact, I laugh every time I see the one with the people whose credit cards have been stolen speaking in the voice of the thief. The big sweaty black man singing an awful version of "Unbreak My Heart" is a particular fave. But I hate your ads during an election year.

We get your political attack ads and they are terrible. They're mean, unflattering and worse yet, they only tell you NOT to vote for. Ummmm... what about the issues of the candidates you want to vote for? How are people going to find out the way their candidate thinks? Read a paper?

Sorry to tell you but more people watch tv. If I was voting (and there is a mayoral election in Ottawa next month... can't wait) I'd be looking to my television to hear and see my candidate tell me what he/she is going to do for me and my community. Seeing them bash each other would just make me want to not vote at all. It's so irritating. You know what would make this a lot more fun? A cage match. Stick all the candidates in a cage and let them fight their way out. Then the ads would make more sense because it would be like pro wrestling. And who doesn't like a good steel cage match?

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