Monday, October 9, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

To get out of blogging today and to let Henry play on the computer like he wants, I'm using a messageboard post I wrote last week. It's what Oprah likes to call a "Lightbulb Moment" in my life. Read and learn.

"Did I ever tell you about the day I knew I wouldn't be a cool mum? The kind of mum that takes their kids everywhere and doesn't let them cramp their style? After the following experience, I knew that that's what kids do. They cramp your style. It's their job.

When Elliott was 2.5 and Audrey was 2 months old, I misguidedly took them to a Violent Femmes concert. It was horrifying. What the hell was I thinking? Elliott spent the night with his hands over his ears screaming "IT'S TOO LOUD!!!" as I tried in vain to nurse Audrey in my seat. Surprisingly she was too distracted to latch on. Everyone around me was smoking something suspect. Finally I had to feed Audrey in a small, dingy bathroom where young, pierced punk girls with black lips and nails looked at me as if I had my boobs hanging out. Um, wait a sec. I did.

The rest of the concert had a lovely and indulgent Scott pacing the lobby of the concert hall with both kids while I ran in and out, alternately watching the show and checking to see if everyone was all right. To paraphrase Comic Book Guy: Worst. Concert. Ever.

Lesson learned. Kids change your life."

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