Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do you ever have one of those moments?

Over the weekend I had a moment. A moment of perfect happiness. I'm not talking sex or a lottery win. It was just an everyday moment where everyone was doing everyday things and I stopped for a minute and thought to myself how perfectly content I was.

It's never happened before and it should have. I've done these things before. I guess the difference was that I stopped to notice it.

I was baking cookies and Audrey was reading a book about bats aloud to Henry. Elliott was on the computer playing a racing car game and I could hear Scott walking around on the roof. That was it. I stopped putting the dough on the cookie sheets and I couldn't believe how elated I was. I felt almost high.

It was almost like a deja vu feeling... it was gone in an instant but it left a really warm gooshy glow that's still hanging around.

So I wish to everyone some warm-fuzzies today. Just stop and look around at some point. You may be high on life and not know it. What a waste that would be.

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