Friday, October 6, 2006

Remember my chicken ad?

I was reading a message board post and a blog by two different friends this morning mentioning the avian flu and related conferences which reminded me about the "chicken ad" that my family and I did in the summer to promote poultry eating in Canada. Now that Thanksgiving is upon us Canadians, I think it behooves (don't you just love that word?) me to blog about it.

Not all of you have seen the commercial that ran on the CBC a couple of weeks running up to Canada Day so I thought I'd link to it here for your viewing pleasure. Please note that the bizarre facial expression I have at the very end was after 2 hours of passing a fricking salad bowl around and being told to look "satisfied". How could I look satisfied with Elliott saying "this is BORING" on one side of me, Audrey swatting bugs on the other and Henry touching all the silverware and wrecking the "continuity"? And with all that chicken in front of us, we were hungry, too.

Don't get me wrong I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It was cool to see how ads are made but the kids had me worried the whole time. I have to say they really were amazing, though.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to us Canadians. I'm doing up a lovely turkey with roasted potatoes, cranberry apple stuffing, broccoli, macaroni and cheese (a weird tradition passed down from my mum's table) and my famous cinnamon rolls for dessert. I love it. My sweatpants are all ready to go. Monday's a holiday but I may emerge from my food hangover to do a bit of blogging. See you.

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