Monday, October 23, 2006

Time waster of the week

It's like a safari right in your living room. Here's the link to Pete's Pond and I'll see you tomorrow.

Seriously this watering hole is incredibly addictive. It's a camera trained on a man-made watering hole in Botswana Africa. So far I've seen lions, warthogs, impala, giraffes, crocodiles, buffalo, guineafowl... I'm dying to see an elephant on here but I never get on at the right time. Also monkeys. I never see monkeys.

But otherwise, it's so great. It's interesting to see the different animals that come to this place. Of course like any red-blooded human being, I'd also like to see some mating and some brutal attacks but so far no such luck.

I've found that the best times to watch are before school (making us late almost every morning) and after midnight. At those times I've seen more than one kind of animal at a time herding to share a drink. Amazing. Go see for yourself.

Oh, and don't forget to use the handy dandy animal gallery feature to identify the animals you see. It saves you from the embarrassment of yelling out: "Kids! Come see the horsey deery buffalo thingies on the computer!!" when you actually mean "Children, a Blue Wildebeest herd has just made a sojourn to the watering hole." See how much better that sounds?

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