Monday, September 11, 2006

What were you doing when you found out?

I'm relatively young so honestly what I was doing when John Lennon died or when the space shuttle exploded were the things that kids usually do. For the record when John Lennon died my first question was "Who's John Lennon?". I had heard of the Beatles but didn't know the names of the individual members. I was 13. And when the space shuttle exploded I was so selfish at 19, I wondered why they'd interrupted All My Children just for that. That's a shameful one.

Five years ago I was watching Regis and Kelly like I always did. Henry was almost 2, Audrey just turned 3 and Elliott was 5 and in Kindergarten. They were all at home with me. I picked up the phone to call my friend Lisa on her birthday which is something I've done every year for longer that I'd care to admit. As I watched the tv on mute I remember mentioning to Lisa that there was a decidedly unfunny joke on Regis and Kelly that has one of the towers of the WTC on fire. We talked and caught up and laughed as I noticed the information on the screen getting more and more "serious". I rung off with her and after that I never took my eyes off the coverage. I really couldn't anyway. It was everywhere. I watched as the second plane hit. I saw when the buildings fell. And I couldn't stop crying. All day. The poor kids wondered if I was okay and did what little ones do like offer toys and hugs. If only that would have worked.

As grumpy as many of us non-Americans feel about the US's foreign policy we all have to admit that no one ever ever EVER deserved what happened that day. So on this terrible anniversary, those of you who need it have all my sympathy today. I offer you my very favourite toy and a really tight hug.

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