Thursday, September 7, 2006

I rustled up my diary from 1989

I thought it would be fun to post something from my diary when I was 22 years old:

"Friday Sept 8, 1989 3:29am(1)Lisa called at about 3pm saying that since it was her birthday on Monday, she was having a pre-celebration tonight and could I please attend. Since I was already dressed (and had no plans), I accepted the invitation.

Before that I went to Chow's to see Syd(2) and get a job interview. The job thing was a dud because the 2 days they wanted me to work are the 2 days I have school so, oh well! I ate dinner #4 (as usual), picked up more photos from Britain(3) and a pair of shoes(4).

Directly afterward(5) I came straight home, changed and went back out(6). We had a great time. Started at Brandy's, then off to Baker Street which I'm starting to enjoy more and more. Andrew Coleman(7) was there and so was Dave Capeletti(8). Some Navy guy tried to pick me up but Syd told him I was from the UK so I had to fake an accent all night. Blimey!(9)

I wonder what Scotty(10) did tonight?"

(1) 3:29?! I can't believe there is actually a 3:29am. I regularly stayed up late/early and wrote before I went to bed
(2) Chow's was a fast food Chinese restaurant at Place Bonaventure and Sydney was a friend trying to get me a job there
(3) I had just come back a month ago from my first trans-Atlantic trip. A family reunion in London
(4) My love affair with shoes has a long and beautiful history
(5) Who writes like that?
(6) Keep in mind this is all on public transit. And I lived a 20 minute bus ride away from the Longueuil metro stop
(7) Who?
(8) That name sounds more familiar but again I say "who?"
(9) We did that a lot because I have a pretty good accent
(10) That's this Scott. The one I married. He was living here in Ottawa and I was funning it up in Montreal. Poor guy.
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