Monday, September 18, 2006

What a morning

It started as usual at 7am. As I was making myself breakfast (that is pouring cold cereal into a bowl), Elliott comes out of his room stark naked.

"I have no underwear." He plainly states."Check your underwear drawer." I reply. He actually does this and comes back. Didn't he check it before he asked?"There's none."I sigh and respond that he should have told me that yesterday when he took the last pair out of his drawer. He characteristically retorts that he didn't take the last pair out yesterday... he took it out Saturday. And I shudder with all that implies.

I told him I'd do a load of washing today but they won't be ready before school which is now about to start. So I give him his list of options:
a) He can wear a dirty pair
b) He can go "commando"
c) He can wear a pair of Audrey's (he wasn't too keen on this one. I wonder why?)
d) He can wear a bathing suit under his pants

The look of despair/horror in his eyes told me that he hated all the above options. But what could I do? Then I get a mother brainwave. I take his hamperful of clothes, bring them downstairs, throw them in the laundry room and start sorting. I look for the least skidmarked pair of undies (navy blue hides all sins). Then I bring them upstairs and cheerfully (and truthfully) chirp "look what I found in the laundry room!" He gratefully puts on the grungy garment and thanks me profusely. Disaster averted. Supermum saves the day yet again.

After I'd packed everyone off to school I decided to take a power walk through the neighbourhood. I would have run but I barely did it all summer and I wouldn't want to stroke out on such a gorgeous morning. Besides, when you run it's hard to critique the neighbours landscaping techniques and impossible to peek into their livingroom wondows. When I had done that for about 45 minutes I decided to head home. I cut through the quiet little park and spied the swings. No kids... no one at all. Why not? As soon as I hop on, Christina Aguilera starts to play on my mp3 and I swing high and belt out the song as only Xtina and I can. What a duet. I must have swung and sung for 15 minutes. I felt more relaxed than I have in ages. I even closed my eyes. Only, now I'm going to have to scour the internet for copies of what will probably be the most hysterical video since the Star Wars guy. I must have looked and sounded like a lunatic. But to be honest, I don't care. I loved it. And I'm so going to do it again.

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