Friday, September 8, 2006

My trip to the gym

So today to take my mind off the fact that my babies don't need/love/want me anymore, I headed off the the gym. In addition to the workout I got, I also set up a date with Gym Jim to go kayaking, chatted with many parents whose kids I looked after when I worked during the week, tickled some baby toes, read more nonsense about Tom and Katie's baby Suri in a gossip rag and goggled at the eye candies that were the Tunisian and Argentinian volleyball teams. Wow, those boys are fit, tall and handsome (if a little on the thin side). For someone who stands 5'3 on a happy day (no one ever gets that one... don't you stand taller when you're happy?) seeing the man mountains that were those young fellows was quite amazing. They must have had a minimum height of 6 feet. It was like standing in a forest. A smelly, sweaty, pimply forest.

So 3 hours later, here I sit at the computer after a lunch of donair leftovers and 2 big chocolate chip cookies. I wish I felt like eating healthy after working out. I always crave a sleeve of crackers and a half pound of cheddar cheese. And who says exercise gives you energy? The days I work out, I get home and I just want to take a nap. What's the deal with that?

So the day is pretty much over and I only reminisced about the kids back when they were in diapers about 10 times. I'm going for 5 next week but I need a distraction. A little shopping, maybe?

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