Thursday, September 28, 2006

I was supposed to go apple picking today

Henry's class was going to an apple orchard today (not SIL's, worse luck) and there was a total mix-up with my volunteering. I'm so excited to be able to volunteer with the kids' classes this year. I'm home with no kindergarteners to care for so it's possible for me to finally go on trips with the kids. I've already been to Pioneer Village with Audrey as most of you know. I plan on going on every single one. I love to sit in the back of the schoolbus like a degenerate. Hee.

Henry goes to a different school than Audrey and Elliott. His trip was supposed to be from 1:20 to 3:30 so I arranged for Scott to come home early from work so he could get the other kids at their school at 3pm. Well, it turns out that Henry was switched from Mrs. G's class to Mrs. Smith's class on Monday. Same programme but different trip time. Now not only did Scott not need to be home early since Henry was now going in the morning but this new teacher didn't get the note that I'd wanted to volunteer so I didn't get a call about when to show up at the school.

Then there was the added problem that it was raining and Scott took the van so I couldn't just show up at the school to help. Well poop. Poor Henry was so disappointed that I couldn't go and added to the fact that he's in a new class and has to make new friends, he cried a little yesterday... poor kid.

He's due home in a couple of hours and even though it's raining I hope he had a good time. On the bright side, Scott decided to come home early anyway and should be home in the next few minutes. What on earth will we do with ourselves until the kids come home from school? Hmm.

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