Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm a winner!

Okay. This is how desperate I've become. I have a bit of free time in my busy day. Okay I have a lot of free time. So what do I do with it? I blog, tidy, putter and shop. But I also spend some time online entering contests. Why not? You can't win if you don't play, right? Most time they send you a lot of junk mail when you give these people your email address so I even have a special address for entering.

Well imagine my delight when I open my email and see "CONGRATULATIONS!" in one of the subject lines. Finally! I open it to see what I've won. It's an exclusive invitation for two to a special evening with Kimberly Seldon. Hm. Not bad. I scan down and see I've also won $250! No WAY. But wait. I've indeed won $250 but in a gift certificate redeemable on any custom orders of Kimberly Seldon upholstery. Aw maaaan. I've been snookered. Again.

It's like the time before kids I got a call saying I've won a weekend at a local resort. WHOOPEE! I call Scott, and we zoom down there on the motorcycle with our backpacks filled with our toothbrushes and undies. When we get there we realize that we've signed up for a time-share weekend event complete with cake, balloons and smarmy salesmen. Damn. dirtius weekenduim interruptedae. We high-tailed it back home before they could even start their spiel. To this day Scott never lets me forget how naive I was.

Well, I didn't go pick up my "prize". I'm sure the $250 in upholstery would have been napkin sized anyway but, wow, look at this other highly overpriced stuff we have. I'm no sucker. To quote the Who, I won't get fooled again. Until next time that is.

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