Friday, September 22, 2006

Pioneer Village will never be the same

I went on a field trip with Audrey's grade 3 class today. It was my first all day excursion since I'd always had a kid to pick up at noon. It was so much fun. There was no sarcasm there. Seriously, it was a good time. Even with over 40 8 year olds.

There was a one-room schoolhouse and a woodsmith shop and an inn. My favourite place was the schoolroom where we learned how to write in cursive with turkey feather quills and real dippy ink from a jar. Audrey got called out for using her left hand to write. Did you know they weren't just being mean, that there was a practical reason for that? A leftie would drag their arm through the wet ink and wreck everything they'd written. Cool, eh?

Anyway, it was a great trip. And I think Audrey got something out of it too. Let me ask her... she says that her favourite thing was making the toys. At the woodsmith's we made simple wooden tops and spent a lot of time filing and smoothing a circle shape and sticking in a dowel.

I also learned that living in pioneer times sucked as you worked all the hours that God sends and worst of all? No tv and no shopping. I love living in these times where making a pizza from scratch is a choice I make. But if I wanted to I could get Pizza Hut. I could but I don't. The dough is rising right now and it'll be ready at 6. Wanna come over?

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