Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Henry's class list

I love Henry's new school. He's still in his language rich environment working on his delay. The maximum class size is 10 and right now they're at eight. There's a language specialist teacher and a speech pathologist that comes three times a week. How could a kid not thrive in that environment delay or not?

Anyway, he's got quite the multicultural melange in that class of his. I got his class list last week. Aside from the typical Melissa, Justin and Dakota, he's got the "old school" Adeline, the eccentric Arthika and mystifying Nawfal. Then, the name that defies description. The name that wins the prize. The astounding... Aboubacar. I've done a bit of research and I think it's Guinean.

On a bulletin board I frequent, the girls were recently talking about online dating profiles and names they couldn't stomach. Most were common names like Daniel that were wrecked for them by knowing one or more assholes by that name. What would they do with poor Aboubacar? He would have no chance in the computer dating world. He'd better be hot, an amazing athlete, a brainiac, animal lover and a super nice guy when he grows up. Otherwise he's doomed. Aboubacar indeed. I can't even think of a nickname that is doable. Abou? Boub? Acar? Poor kid.

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