Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got a cold

I actually don't get sick often but when I do I'm a baby about it. I'll tell you why. Remember when you were a kid and you were sick? Your mum used to give you soup, rub Vicks on your chest, put a cold cloth on your head? You'd stay in bed, sometimes stay home from school, maybe even get the black and white portable tv in your room? Remember that?

This is what I did yesterday when I was sick: I went to work, my brain so oxygen deprived that I barely remember driving there. After work I got Elliott ready for his first hockey game of the season and sent the boys on their way. I actually got to nap for about an hour while they were out but when they got back we did the weekly grocery shopping, put all the stuff away (my least favourite job), then I made a yucky dinner (by my usual standards, anyway, the kids liked it) of hamburgers and fries. In other words, except for the nap, it was a regular day. Do I ever miss being babied when I'm sick. I did get a couple of "I hope you feel better soon"s and a few sympathetic head rubs and but that's about it. But you can't spell sympathetic without "pathetic", can you? Poop.

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