Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is it just me or am I right to be miffed with this guy?

As most of you know I work Sunday mornings in the daycare at the YMCA. It's not the best shift in the world but it pays for my membership so I keep going. I've had an issue with a parent for the past 2 weeks and I just have to vent.

Two Sundays ago a daycare dad... let's call him "Bleff" dropped off his daughters aged 2 and 4. He told me that the two year old has just been toilet trained and she will tell me when she needs to pee. Cool. About 4 minutes after he leaves, she drops a monster load of crap in her underwear. Uck. It's been ages since I've had to deal with a poopie diaper let alone smushed shit in flowered underwear. I was not amused but I cleaned her up with aplomb.

When Bleff picked up, I mentioned what happened. Now at this point if it was me, I would have apologised, laughed, mentioned how gross it must have been; whatever. What did Bleff say? "It happens". Um. Didn't you tell me that she'd mention having to go? Do I not merit a scooch of sympathy? Or even a self-deprecating (defecating?) joke? Apparently not. Hey, that's why I get paid the big bucks, right?

So this past Sunday Bleff drops off again. Remember, I have a cold and I'm already feeling sorry for myself so thankfully there was no poop this time. The problems started at pickup time. First he arrived 5 minutes late. Okay, look. I only work 2 hours a week but it's on a Sunday and at the end of it a just want to take off back to my family. Give me a break. Second, he asks to use the phone. Fine. What am I supposed to say? He then proceeds to make a 5 minute call (yes, I was counting). When he was done, he puts his finger on the hangup thingie and asks "am I holding you up?" before making another call! Are you fucking kidding me? I wanted to answer: "Yes you are, you inconsiderate asshole" but I just said" no" and went into the bathroom area to silent scream, make faces and flip him the bird behind his back.

When he's finally done I make some extra sniffling and coughing noises to rush him out of the room. "You're sick?" he asks. Ummm yeah. What gave it away, Einstein? The two rolled up kleenexes up my nose? I explain to him that it was too late to get a replacement so I had to come in anyway. He replies (with no hint of irony): "You're just like me. Too considerate of others." WHAT? Oh no he didn't. OMG, no court would convict me.

During this time the girls have been playing nicely in the room. When he finally makes to leave, they don't want to go. I pipe in that I "want to go home to my family, girls, come on". He finally has to pull the "bye girls daddy's leaving" ploy to get them to step away from the dolls.

Now here's the final insult. We're out the door and the wind is whistling outside. Honestly, the clouds are whipping by like in those time-lapse movies. I have to go to the lobby to drop off the sign-in book, garbage and keys. On my way back and smelling freedom, who do I see but Bleff and the girls. He says "Can you please do me one last favour?". You're kidding me right? Mr. Bleff Considerate needs another favour? I hesitantly say "okay" while he blurts out the most ridiculous story about his daughters being afraid of the wind and could I please wait with them while he gets his car. Holy crap. I AM way too nice. So I sit with them for another 5 minutes while he gets his vehicle all the while fuming and wishing I was better at standing up for myself. Why do I let people walk all over me? I'm a 39 year old doormat.

Anyway, he finally arrived and I got myself home 45 minutes later than usual. I keep telling myself that I should be more assertive but I have this insane need for everyone to like me and think that I'm a terrific person. I imagine that terrific people don't scream like banshees to get of the effing phone and chase people out the door while pelting them with Legos. Oh well.

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