Friday, September 1, 2006

My absurd family life

We all love Taz. He's been our cat for about 5 years since our neighbour Tina moved out and left him behind. He's loveable, cuddly, friendly and aside from an unfortunate drool when he purrs, an all around terrific cat.

We're definitely a cat family. We talk to him, he sleeps on our beds, we miss him when he's outside and "Santa Paws" comes at Christmas and leaves him catnip in the paw-shaped stocking beside ours. His name is in sparkles just like ours.

Anyway, this year the kids thought that he should have a birthday party. Yesterday was the day they chose. A complete party with cake and presents. Thank goodness they didn't demand guests. Indulgent mother that I am, I went to the store and spent $30 on cake ingredients, wet cat food (a real treat for him) and a new collar with a bell and charm.

Audrey had to have the cake in a cat shape of course, so I had to find the frosting and tips for my creation. It took me all bloody day but I did it. A kitty cat cake that the kids would eat and a mound of Whiskas for the cat that he ate while I wrestled his collar on. We sang him "happy birthday" and he was beside himself with joy. Okay, he looked at us in that way that only cats can. Like we were aliens from that bizarre end of the galaxy where heads are where asses should be. But he licked his lips with joy and believe it or not, I'll take that as his wholehearted approval of the entire celebration.

Oi, the things I do...

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