Friday, February 1, 2008

Am I the only one?

The other day I was training with Kevin and he told me that I'm losing weight in my stomach. While most days that would delight me no end, I promptly told him that I was holding it in. Then I released the hounds. "You're pushing that out", he replied with surprise. "Nope, that's all me, baby."

I don't want to assume anything but I'm pretty sure most women are like me. We don't suck in our guts per se, but we just tense a bit to (for want of a better term) take the edge off. Sort of smooth out the silouhette. He was totally surprised about this when I mentioned it and I asked him to ask his female friends. Then I realized that his female friends are all probably 20 years old and already have amazing abs. So I'm asking you, my "friends of a certain age", if I'm the only one who ever so slightly sucks in my gut every waking moment. It's hard work but really, people, I'm trying to spare you the nausea of seeing what I got going on below the belt. 3 pregnancies + 3 c-sections = 6 kinds of not pretty.

Am I on my own here?

Have a terrific weekend. I know I will. Mine started about 10 minutes ago when I found out that the kids' school buses were cancelled due to a dump of 20cms of snow we're expecting in the next few hours. Looks like it's baking day!

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