Saturday, February 23, 2008

Karenworld Extra!

Okay. The Oscars are tomorrow and Scott and I finally saw the last movie. We've seen all 5 best picture nominees and I wanted to share my second annual haiku movie review of them all. Take them as you will. I'm just glad I can make an educated guess tomorrow night. Have fun watching the big show. My (somewhat wordier) review on that circus Monday morning. To hold you until then:

There Will Be Blood
"I drink your milkshake!"
Bizarre and quotable line
My reaction? "Whaaaa???..."

A little girl's lie
Wrecks an epic love story
I loved that green dress.

Michael Clayton
A shady lawyer
Saved because he likes horses
Oh boy, was George pissed.

Pregnant teen Juno
Asks the eternal question:
Am I cool or not?

No Country For Old Men
Javier Bardem
Scared me shitless... he's so bad
And that's just his hair.

My heart wants Juno to win. It was the most funny and accessible and had the most Canadian connections (both leads and director are Canucks, eh? And it was filmed here) but I think they'll give it to There Will be Blood. The "academy" likes sledgehammer acting, overwrought music and picture postcard-like photography. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Have fun!

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