Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Family Day!

My blog's a bit late today because I slept in. Why? It's Family Day in Ontario. It's a holiday that we're supposed to spend with your family. Yay! Government imposed togetherness! Actually, it doesn't work for us as Scott works for the federal government so he has to work, poor lamb. And we're so close to the Quebec border that there are tons of people (including 2 of my co-workers) who have the day off but their kids have to go to school since the holiday is provincial. Lucky buggers! I mean poor things.

This holiday is the first concrete example of a campaign promise gone horribly right. To gloss it over, one of the guys who wanted to get into power promised a three day weekend between New Years and Easter (which is intolerably long in the dead of winter around here) and voila! he got in and he actually kept his promise and here we are.

So I'm off to bake another batch of cupcakes with my family. You Ontarians enjoy your holiday and everyone else, enjoy your Monday. See you tomorrow!

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