Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grammy blog

I loved the Grammys over the weekend. I heard that it was the least watched Grammy awards show in a long time if not ever. Whaaaaa?

The performances were amazing. I loved every one except for Josh Groban when I loaded the dishwasher and the country guy (whose name I don't even know) when I went out to plug in the car. But the others? Wow.

Tina Turner and Beyonce? How can a 60+ year old woman keep up with B? That Cirque Du Soleil thing with the Beatles songs? I got goosebumps. The Foos? Huminahuminahumina. Even Carrie Underwood impressed me. And she's country, people.

I hear they actually gave out awards. Is that true? Well, I hope everyone got what they deserved. You know who didn't? Amy Winehouse. I don't want to be a prude but should the academy be rewarding this rummy? Sets a bad example to kids, doesn't she? And what about the musicians who work hard and keep their noses clean (literally and figuratively)? I'm just saying.

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