Monday, February 11, 2008

Poor Maple

No, not the sweet sweet condiment but our phantom baby girl.

Scott and I were talking about a friend whe recently found out she was pregnant and we were discussing names for a girl. One of us said "what about Maple?" and our latent rock-star-ridiculous-name radar went off. Surprisingly both of us loved it. How weird is that? We were trying it out with our last name and marvelling at how Canadian it is. It sort of fits our criteria too. It's simple, easily spelled, people have heard of it (although not as a given name) and we both like it. And if you knew how much trouble we had with choosing Henry's name, you know how much that means.

Unfortunately (or maybe more accurately, fortunately for Maple herself) Scott's boys no longer swim so there's very little chance of a Maple Kaye. The more I think about it that's perfectly okay. I still like the name but people wold sure think we've lost our ever-loving minds, wouldn't they?

kxx (SEVEN!)
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