Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just did a really odd thing

Actually I've been doing it for years but only just now thought it was weird. Audrey has been asking for weeks about getting another Webkinz. She really wants a kangaroo and we had 2 left at my store on Friday. I had one put aside and will pick it up today. I would have forgotten but she hadn't (of course) and reminded me (for the millionth time) this morning. Honestly, if I show up tonight without that thing I may as well bump up my trip to London by a few weeks.

Well, here comes the weird thing. As you all know, I'm over 40. Reminding me at 7 in the morning to do something at 10 will usually result in a humiliating oversight. So I promptly took off my thumb ring and moved it to my middle finger. Sounds relatively sane so far, right? That's because I neglected to mention the fact that I whispered what I needed to remember to the ring. How bizarre is that? It's the old string-on-the-finger trick updated and with an added dab of Karen crazy.

It's yet another illustration of how nutty I really am.

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