Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our latest movie

So on the weekend Scott and I saw Michael Clayton. It was another case of having no idea when I sat down what kind of movie it was going to be. The only thing I knew was that George Clooney was in it. I had no idea about the plot, the year it was set, any other stars... nothing. I like that. I kinda thought it took place in the 50s but that was left over from the last George Clooney Oscar movie.

It was about lawyers and a class action suit. It takes place in the present day. A little like Erin Brockovich but without the cleavage. Immediately you'd think it'd bore me to tears but it was quite good. A lot of intrigue and mystery. It totally held my interest.

We've only seen 2 so far but here are my rankings anyway:
1) Michael Clayton
2) There Will Be Blood

Because Valentine's Day is coming up, I think we'll see Atonement. Again, I'm not familiar with the plot but I think there's a love story in there somewhere. Finger's crossed.

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