Wednesday, February 6, 2008

There Will Be Bowling

So over the weekend Scott and I saw the first of our Oscar Best Picture nominee. We checked out There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day-Lewis. It was quite interesting, actually. It was no Notting Hill, but what can you do? My blog title refers to the climactic scene at the end. I must have cracked up for 5 minutes when my neighbour offered it up as the alternate title.

This year, we're going to try to take our neighbours Randy and Julie to the movies with us. It's fun to see and discuss these movies with another couple and they're super keen. We're going to try to see 2 movies this weekend: Atonement and No Country For Old Men. After that it'll be Michael Clayton and the one we all can't wait for: Juno. Should be a popcorn-filled couple of weeks.

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