Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars meet my cycle

Grump... grumble....

I wanted to do an Oscar recap today but I'm still feeling, well, pms-y. I'll still do it but it'll have quite the grouchy slant. See, Scott told me about a month ago that he'd be overseas for the Oscar telecast that we've been watching together ever since Kathy left. We still saw all the Best Picture nominees together but he was on a plane during the really big show last night. Watching the show alone in my jammies, compounded with the fact that I'm pms-ing, had a sore back from nothing but age, Ellen Page and Juno didn't win and falling asleep during the middle of the show didn't help matters any.

It was my second worse Oscar show in recent memory. The worst ever? The year my bestest friend and Oscar buddy (as long as she's on the same continent as I am) Kathy moved to England from Miami leaving me Oscar-friend free. That year I drank a whole bottle of plonk my myself, fell asleep during the red carpet festivities and woke up at about 2:45am during a Knight Rider rerun. Yup, I missed the entire show. That was a bad one. I'm not blaming Kathy or anything, I'm just saying. That it's her fault and stuff. Moving on...

Last night's telecast. I thought John Stewart was funny as usual. I loved that he gave the woman who co-wrote the Original Song winner a chance to say her speech after she got shafted because her partner spoke first. Classy. Also very sweet? Diablo Cody's speech. She burst into tears at the end. Awwww.

My favourite dress? Umm... Salma Hayak looked great. Heidi Klum looked gorgeous and I loved the maternity dresses this year. Yucky dress? Well, I know she's not famous but holy crap, what was Daniel Day-Lewis' wife wife wearing? I actually had a physical reaction to that outfit. The giant jewels... the colours... oh, my eyes.

Other than that, The show was okay. Just because I couldn't wait to go to bed was no indictment of the show. I was just being Mrs. Cranky-Pants. We'll chat tomorrow.

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