Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Two people I know whose initials start with "J" have a birthday today. One from the start of my life and one in my life today.

Jackie was my first ever best friend. We hung almost exclusively together from grade 4 till grade 10. In CEGEP we drifted apart. Most of it was because, frankly, in grade 11 I turned into a total bitch, became friends with the "cool kids" and left her behind. I can't believe she ever forgave me for that. We're not really close now but I call her on her birthday and she calls me on mine. It's always a blast to hear from her. I can't wait to talk to her later.

Julie became my friend after her daughter and mine were classmates. We were close to the same age and had a lot of the same interests. Even though she moved to a nearby suburb and her daughter goes to a different school, Audrey and Sarah are still good friends and see each other often for sleepovers and playdates (which is odd for this age since it's "usually out of sight out of mind") and Julie and I still go to movies, have shopping trips, coffees and go for runs with her. She and my buddy Norah (whose birthday was Tuesday) are my bestest girls right now.

So that's my birthday blog for today. It looks like May was a busy month for many parents out there. I'm just saying...

kxx (how hilarious is this cake?)
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