Thursday, January 31, 2008

How cool!

Lost last night was awesome. It was the "enhanced version" which really was a repeat of last season's finale with information, catch-ups and neat insights in pop-ups. Absolutely brilliant.

It made me think of dvds. How much more interesting would things be if they started putting pop-ups (or at least a pop-up option) in the movie itself? I love trivia and the commentary track is one of the coolest things about buying a dvd. But very rarely do I run the option because instead of having the movie playing in normal volume with pop-up info and trivia, they turn the volume of certain scenes down and have the director or actors talk over the movie. It sucks. I don't know anyone who watches that option. I've only done it once with the Incredibles. It was interesting and illuminating but I'd much rather have the cool tidbits fed to me voicelessly while I watched the movie. Maybe it's just me but I think it's time for a pop-up revival.

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