Monday, January 7, 2008

Good morning my pretties

Okay, everything is back to normal. The kids are back in school and here I sit blogging. Okay, it's not quite normal since I'm off work today and so is Scott but it's close enough. Wednesday for real (Scott's also home tomorrow so tomorrow doesn't count).

So Montreal went really well. The kids do a great job on the drive as long as they have 2 hours worth of junk food and they had their best manners with their Nana and Grandpa. Whew. The best part of the weekend? Seeing Uncle Mike (my baby bro) and making a kick-ass cheesecake that looked (and better yet tasted) just like one from the famous Dunn's. Heaven. The Mrs. Field's cookies I don't want to talk about. Worst part? Sleeping on the lumpy unpulled-out pullout couch Friday night because we were all just too tired to figure it out. That and the pimple I had on my chin felt like it was sizzling and popping so much that it actually woke me up a couple of times. There's nothing worse than dealing with both pimples and wrinkles. It's like stubbing your toe and barking your shin at the same time. It's unfairness on top of injustice.

Anyway, in all we had a nice time and now I'm back, baby. Hope you all have a happy Monday and it's not too traumatic for you. I'll (of course) be back tomorrow.

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