Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY 2008!

I've got a question about passion. Does someone get passionate about something before they even try it or do you have to do the activity before you become passionate about it? Okay that makes little sense. I'll give you an example.

Elliott likes hockey. He plays technically well but without any passion (or so Scott tells me). Maybe he's just playing to make his father happy. Scott is hockey mad. He often comes home from Elliott's practices saying that Elliott's been "dogging it". I wonder if he just needs to find something he's passionate about. Scott says that if he plays often enough and tries to get better, that he'll get passionate about hockey. Does passion work that way? To me, especially now that he's 11 and knows his own mind and desires, he'll tell us what he wants to try and will really be passionate about what he chooses.

Maybe I'm just worried that he'll never find his passion. Like me.

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