Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My new job starts today

Well not really new but it feels like it.

A lot of changes have been happening lately at the store and today I get to see what it's like. I haven't been to work all year. Okay, all 2008 but it still counts. In fact, I haven't been at work since the 14th December.

One of the biggest changes is that all my co-workers have moved to another building. They all have multiple cars for their families and can drive a little further to work. Myself, I can't guarantee that I can have the car on any given day and also have to rely on my bike and public transit so the building in Westboro is far more convenient for me. Convenient and new. New co-workers, new routine, maybe even new job duties. A bit scary, frankly. The upside is that I get a bunch of fresh new girls who haven't heard my tired old (and some say funny) stories and get to know a bunch of people who I'd only had a nodding aquaintance with before. I really hope I learn to love these new girls like I learned to love my former co-workers. They were so much fun. We howled with laughter all day. They made what can be a super boring data entry job more fun than it should have been. I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

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