Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going bananas

Let's talk about bananas today, shall we?

For a long time I didn't like them. Fresh ones anyway. I thought you looked like a monkey when you ate them and the smell when you ate them is, for want of a better word, banana-y. Those two things when you place them in front of a school-aged kid made for one banana-free childhood.

Today I love them. I think they're awesome and now that I'm forty I don't give a damn what people think when they see me eating one. But I hate the decision-making process when it comes to buying them.

I like to eat one a day. But they usually come in bunches of more than 7. So I have to do that thing where you separate the bunches in the store leaving a tiny "bunch" of about 3. Hate that. Then there's the ripe issue. Do I buy green ones and let them ripen on my counter? Or do I buy ripe ones and make banana bread with the black ones I have left at the end of the week? That's another problem I have. They all go gross at exactly the same time. Seeing that I like to eat a banana a day, I invariably have to eat them at non peak times. Only one or two days are they my version of perfect. Completely yellow with hardly any brown spots. And usually the whole batch is ready on exactly the same day. So by Friday or Saturday I'm eating bananas that I consider yucky.

Wouldn't it be great if the powers that be sold banana bunches in varying stages of ripeness so I can get what I want? Geneticists could come up with bunches of 7, some green and some perfectly ready to eat. Why can't I ever get what I want? Is it too much to ask?

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