Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I’m on pins and needles here

Why do I let them get to me? Why does this happen year after year? What's going on? I'm waiting for the Oscar nominations to come out. D'uh.

There's a press conference this morning at 8:30 and I have the VCR all ready to tape. And yes, I'll watch it live too. It's been a tradition between my friend Kathy and me for years to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the big day. That's usually 5 movies in a month since they're not movies we'd ordinarily see on our own before the big announcement. Now that she lives in the UK, Scott has taken over her duties. It's not as much fun to watch certain scenes with him but it still generates a certain amount of excitement.

So I'll post again later with the movies I have to see and of course I'll provide you with my traditional "haiku movie review" after I've seen each one. I love Oscar season. Now please, writers, get it together so we can have a telecast.

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