Friday, September 28, 2007

Go Henderson Go!

And I don't mean my child.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the goal that changed Canada. Paul Henderson was a pretty good Leafs player back in the day but when he scored the winning goal in the Canada/Russia Summit series with 34 seconds to go, he became a Canadian legend. A total hero. Every Canadian kid wanted to grow up to play hockey after that day. He scored on the best goalie on the planet. A Russian who's name still strikes fear... Tretiak.

Everyone in the country was watching that game. When we won, every Canadian felt like they were on the ice helping the team. I was only 5 but I still remember my dad watching the game and screaming with joy. He had taken the day off to watch it. Our neighbours poured out onto our street to clap each other on the back and celebrate when it was over.

After that series, Canada became a force in hockey. We expect a lot from our players and we're rabid and possessive about our game.

Henry just started playing this year. I'm trying to get him to choose jersey 19. And today I'm calling him by his full name Henderson and telling everyone that we named him after Paul.

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