Monday, September 17, 2007

Whew! Thank God it’s Monday

Weekend Recap:

Friday: After work I got measured and fitted for a new bra. I had to rush as I didn't want to leave the kids alone for long. Got a nice one, though. BTW, its a 38C.

Saturday: Scott took 50 plastic airplane models (a drop in the bucket that is his "hobby shop/office", really) to a trade show to try to sell them. He was there most of the day. The rest of us did groceries at the store where I feel the least embarrassed to drag around 3 indifferent children. Of course it's the most expensive as well. No problems, I'll gladly pay for the privilege. And the free cookie to keep them quiet. Later we took Audrey took her to her horse-back riding lesson and at night Scott went to see Genesis.

Sunday: I had another dragonboat competition. I got a ride and the kids couldn't come since Scott had to take them to hockey sort-outs. Poor Audrey had to go too but it couldn't be helped. Oh, and we came in 5th out of 10 boats. Hey, we weren't last. At night I did laundry since Elliott needed clean gym clothes for today. At least he didn't tell me this morning. And laundry is no longer a chore, anyway. I can also do other things while it's running now. Because I no longer get hypnotised by the spinning drum.

And that was our weekend. I'm so glad it's Monday so I can rest.

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