Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I’m biking to work again today

On nice days I like to bike in to work. It's a 30 minute ride and it's one of the prettiest rides in town. Now let me clarify that I ride my bike and not race my bike to work. Because on the way I'll pass Greg LeMond wannabees (or Lance Armstrong for you kids out there) dressed to the nines in their tightest Tour De France sexywear and riding $1200 racing bikes. To commute to work. Whatever.

In case you didn't get the pretty part of the ride above, let me explain the best part of the route. It starts at Andrew Haydon Park then goes east through to Brittania beach. The trail on both sides is lined by trees. Through the trees to the north I can see the Ottawa River just a few metres away. I see ducks, frogs, Canada geese, gulls, and even great blue herons on the shore looking for breakfast. On this part of the trail I've seen rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels and snakes. So amazing. And I see at least half these animals each time I go out. It's truly amazing.

I think it's so gorgeous and I'm so privileged to see this stuff that I often get off my bike to take it all in. I'll get off when I see a heron which I find huge and beautiful and once I got down to watch a snake slither across the path. I dutifully pull my bike off to the side and sit for 5 minutes. When I'm done I'll get back on my bike and dorkily (I admit it) call out to the people I pass that there's something cool ahead. I always get roundly ignored and sometimes I get looks like I'm a nutjob. Why? Because I enjoy my bike ride and want to share it with people? Because I don't wear a speed suit and ride my bike with my head down ignoring the gorgeousness around me? And I'm the kook? Alrighty then. Sign me up for a double helping of crazy, please.

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