Monday, September 3, 2007

Labour Day

One of about a handful of dates on the calendar where no one works. Even the malls are shut and that's saying something. You know it's a holiday when even retail outlets are closed. As a result, my store is closed and I'm home. Huzzah.

I'm off, this morning, to my handsome brother's house in Ormstown. We're just spending the day but as it's about 2 hours away, we're leaving soon and I'm not going to blog. I've blogged to let you know I'm not blogging. You heard me. Have a good (non)Labour Day. Hug a union rep when you see one. I will.

See you all tomorrow on what'll be the most hectic morning of the year. The first day of school. I actually should be delighted but I've actually got a knot in my stomach. We'll see how it plays out what with all 3 kids in different schools...

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