Friday, September 21, 2007

The mantle has been passed

There was a big spider in the bathroom this morning. I wasn't in freak-out mode (yet!) but I was keeping one eye on it and the other was looking around for something in room to squash it. It was quickly and steadily coming down to where I could hit it with a shoe but I was in the bathroom in my jammies. No shoe and if I left to get one, it would be gone. And my imagination would have it in all sorts of places from my toothbrush to my towel. Ugh.

Suddenly my saviour arrives. Not Scott but in the form of an 80 pound, gangly 11 year old. When I told Elliott about the spider, he calmly took a kleenex, mashed it between his fingers and calmly dropped the kleenex in the toilet. With none of the shaming, teasing or humiliation that would have been heaped on me by his father. Looks like I have a new go-to guy in terms of spidercide.

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