Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still having logistical problems

Since school started, our mornings have been going well in terms of getting the kids ready. The problem lies with Scott. He's absolutely incapable of self starting in the morning then grumps at me when I wake him up during the kid getting ready lull at 7:15. Look. We have a dual alarm clock that rings or buzzes like crazy at 6:45 but he won't get up unless I nag and poke him. And frankly I can't do it for another 30 minutes. Then I have to hear about how he's stuck in traffic because he's late. Um, I've got an idea. Get out of effing bed when the alarm rings. Geez. Like I need another kid to get ready every morning.

Okay, vent over. And no, mummy and daddy aren't breaking up. Mummy's just pissed off at daddy right now. She grudgingly admits she still loves him. Sigh.

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