Friday, September 14, 2007

What do you do with your photos?

My poor kids. I was looking at a photo album of them the other day and realised I have no photos in it from the last 3 years. Why? That's when I got my digital camera. Oh, I take photos, don't get me wrong. I have hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe. But they're all on my computer hard drive. I email them to people, I gaze at them on my computer screen, I post them here and on Facebook but I have nothing to put in an album. This came up because when Audrey had her first horseback session last week, Scott wanted to take "good" photos so he used his film camera with the big lens. He then asked me if I passed a developing place on my way to work. I seriously had no idea.

Then there was the birthday call to my elderly aunt Bernice in New York last week. She told me she had no recent photos of the kids and could I send some. I checked myself before I asked for her email address. Elderly aunt... lives alone... ergo, no computer. She actually wanted me to mail her hard copies of the photos! Do people still do that?

So I had to ask her snail mail address then get a tutorial from Scott on how to print off photos from the computer. And you know how I get when Scott tries to teach me something. Not pretty. Then I had to cut them out of the computer paper, put them in a little album, buy an envelope that fit the thing, buy postage and mail it. It would have been easier to have bought the woman a computer, had it shipped to the States then emailed them to her. The whole process took all weekend.

So what do you do with your photos? Are they all on your hard drive? What if the computer crashes? It really is a new world. A speedy new world. A new world of people with no photos of their kids in their wallets. A better world. Right?

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