Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I hate politics

I don't like politics. Frankly, it's a case of I'm-bored-with-what-I-don't-understand. Politics are complicated and I have a very short attention span. We have a provincial election coming up and I usually vote Liberal. I know there are shades of grey in everything but my thoughts on Liberals vs. Conservative are black and white. Easy. Right-to-choose vs. Anti-abortion. Immigration vs. closed borders. As a female black child of immigrants, how can I vote any other way but Liberal?

And the TV ads are so irritating. Remember how yesterday I told you all how I loved commercials? Well not political ads. All overexposed with men (usually) smiling smiles that look like they'd happily take a bite out of your cheek. And don't get me started on negative campaign ads. They drive me nuts. As an uninformed voter I'm so not interested in the terrible crime the other guy committed or geriatric he didn't help across the street. I want to know in chewable byte sized nuggets, what you will do for me. And in that respect the Liberals win again.
Dalton tells me that he will invest money in education every single night. Hey, I have kids in school. That's good. All John tells me is that Dalton pretty much sucks. Um.. yeah. He's a politician. You all pretty much suck.

Look, I'm no idiot. I know they all promise me things to get my vote. Things that they back down on when they get into office. But attack ads just irritate me and make me want to vote for anyone but the attacker. Thank goodness the "good guys" aren't doing it. Maybe they don't do it because they can't. Anyway, I don't get too excited about it. I just shut up and tick the Liberal box.

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