Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This seems to be ad week

Okay, two days ago I was crowing on about how much I love this Kinks song. I put it in my profile and I absolutely can not resist moving my shoulders to those first 6 notes. Then I get up and dance. Not unlike the ungainly hippo in Fantasia but that's neither here nor there.

Well, the lovely folks at Joe Fresh Style have responded to my email (and tons of others, apparently) and put the ad on their website. I've got one word for theose people. Yay. You wouldn't believe from this stellar commercial that these clothes are only available at a grocery store. You heard.

So here's the link to the ad I love right now (click "Emmy Awards Spot: Happiness"). I want to promise that this is the last you'll hear of it but I can't. And you know I'm going to be shopping there. After all, I am an advertiser's wet dream.

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