Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another one of those dreams

Ugh. I have these all the time and I'm fed up.

I dreamt I was late for work. Again. That I helped the kids get ready for school and just forgot that I needed to be at work today. At 10am, I looked at the clock and panicked when I realised where I needed to be. I ran around getting ready to go and took off. When I got there my manager and general manager were both waiting for me. We had a meeting where they both scared me by mock firing me but you could tell by their faces and tones that they were warning me not to do it again.

I hate hate hate these dreams. Where I'm late and panicking and running around feeling stressed and scared. Is it because I'm not that stressed in my waking life? Is it because I'm worried about being fired? All I know is that I'm making sure I'm going to be on time today, shut up and do my work. Okay, the shutting up thing will be hard but the working thing should be okay. I hope.

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