Monday, October 1, 2007


After sleeping in 2 days in a row and not showering for same, I'm awake and showered and ready to go at 7:30am. Doesn't mean I'm not tired, though. And good for me, I'm biking to work this morning.

On Friday Audrey came home from school and declared that her friend Rachel would be coming over for dinner. They'd set it all up at school and one phone call would seal the deal at precisely 3:30pm that day. Not wanting to break my only daughter's heart, I said okay. Operation Win Over Mummy With Fluttering Eyelashes And Big Smiles was in full effect. What I neglected to mention was that Friday was leftover parfait night with fruit bars for dessert because we have an empty fridge by then because of the menu plan I follow.

When Scott came home at 5:30, Audrey's best friend Rachel was already here and the girls were playing quietly in Audrey's room. Whoever came up with the equation stating that removing one of three kids from a room reduces the noise factor by 80% is a genius. Even works when you add a child to the mix.

So anyway, Scott suggests that we order in and to my surprise I say no. I didn't mention I saw my fat thighs in a photo of myself (in a local newspaper, no less) on dragonboat weekend and fought to keep down my breakfast. Nope, I was in cobble together mood. We had frozen fish filets (box chipped from the side of the deep freeze), salad from a bag (another genius invention) and carrots fresh from my neighbour's garden. Don't worry, they were given to me that afternoon. All above board. And because I have an amazingly stocked baking pantry, we had these molten chocolate cakes. Seriously, I love my kitchen.

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