Thursday, October 11, 2007

What happened to my old daughter?

Not that I'm complaining but this one is so darned agreeable.

We were having a third conversation about Halloween costumes. This one was terrific compared to the first one where she told me she wanted to be a mushroom. Thank goodness I waited that one out before saying no. You have to know that I hate buying costumes, I'd rather make them, but ironically I can't sew. Go figure. In the second conversation, she wanted to be a gypsy.
Woohoo. I can assemble that one without sewing or pulling out what's left of my hair.

In this conversation she stated that she didn't want to be a gypsy anymore because Rachel was going to be a gypsy. She wanted to be a genie. Several things went through my head at once:

1) I can 't easily assemble a genie costume, I may have to buy this one;
2) Audrey's not the slimmest girl in her class. Barbara Eden she ain't;
3) This is Canada. At the end of October. At night. Average temperature? 0.

So I say "no" to her and brace for the inevitable screamfest. It doesn't come. She shrugged her shoulders and said "Okay, me and Rachel will be gypsy sisters!" What happened to the slightly hysterical and tantrummy daughter I used to have? Honestly, I do not want her back. I love this new and improved version.

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