Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Internet Schminternet

Low tech to the rescue!

I remember when my dad bought our set of encyclopedia. There was actually a door-to-door salesman involved who coerced my dad into the 22 volume "leather-bound" set of World Books (including the Reference Guide, of course). They sure looked good sitting in our family room making us look like the smartest West Indians on the block. I copied....errr... researched every high school project out of them. That set of books was my internet. A heavy, awkward pain-in-the-ass, internet. Did you know the whole set could fit on 2 cds? Sigh.

Flash forward to yesterday. Audrey needed some information on Newfoundland and Labrador for school (actually Terre-Neuve but that's neither here nor there). She went online and found some photos but after labouriously typing some info into Notebook, she promptly lost the work she did during dinner when she forgot to save it and the computer went into sleep mode.
Before the waterworks started, I told Elliott to run down to my room and get the N-O World book. Sure enough, information on N&L was there. Okay, the stuff was woefully out of date... the thing was published in 1974 so it wasn't Newfoundland and Labrador yet and the flag was different but she got what she needed in glorious, vibrant black and white. I say again, internet, schminternet.

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