Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Holla Dolla!

Aren't I cool? Did you see how I used the kids' lingo?

I just wanted to congratulate the Canadian loonie for it's superiority over the American greenback. It's been a little over 100 cents for about a week.

Now you'd think such a financial coup would translate to us little people. That we as consumers (some of us frequent) would see the delicious benefits. But not so much. Are clothes cheaper? No. Is food cheaper? Nope. Is gas cheaper? Hell, no. I have heard tell that Canadians are buying American real estate in droves, though. Has nothing to do with me. Neither does the fact that I can shop on my American holiday considering I can barely afford to get myself and my family on the cross-town bus.

You know what really drives me nuts? It's the books. On all books and magazines sold here the price is in CDN$ and USD$. Printed directly on the cover. Up until about a week ago, the American price was a bit below the Canadian one allowing for the exchange rate. And rightly so. No debating that. But now that we've achieved near parity, shouldn't Canadian book prices be the same price or even (gasp!) cheaper than American? Even though it's pre-printed on the item, couldn't our awesomeness be translated at the register?

Someone has to be able to reap the benefits from this other than people with deep pockets who can travel to and buy a house in America. What about us little guys? All I want is a damn People magazine.

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