Monday, October 22, 2007

Good job Tylenol

I have to give kudos to the good folks at Tylenol who came up with an easy open package for their extra-strength pain relief pills. Child proof lids drive me absolutely nuts. And I don't suffer from anything more than a short fuse (besides the headache or cramps I need the pills for). And don't get me started on lining up the stupid arrows.

I understand the need for childproof packaging. Of course I do, I have kids. But when they swaddle my maple syrup within an inch of it's life so that I slice through my palm with the kitchen knife trying to open it when all I wanted was some sweet sweet goo for my morning Eggo, I have a problem. If they left the package alone all the kid would get would be a bit of a sugar rush. What's with the overkill on packaging?

Tamper-proof you say? Well I still say that the amount of product tampering that may go on is far outweighed by the frustration of trying to find something sharp to prise open the bloody ketchup bottle. Have you ever been to a kids' house after Christmas or a birthday? The way they attach the toys to the packaging, it's criminal. It makes you want to go back to simpler times and get your kid a bloody ball. I mean, I've seen doll hair sewn to a strip of plastic then in turn sewn to the cardboard box. I mean, what do they think they're playing at? Who is tampering with an effing Polly Pocket? Although to be honest, I guess they're so small they can be taken internally.

Let's go back to the pills, shall we? Once, in Miami I was PMSing big time and was trying to open one of those infernal packages. You would not want to have been there, I would have cut you (remember Kathy?). All I wanted was a Midol to calm my manaical symptoms and by the time I got my package open, I was ready to commit homicide. So thank you Tylenol. I know you made your new packaging for those with arthritis or some such ailment but all of us with PMS raise our tampons to you for your thoughtfulness.

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